It’s all about me…Jesus!

There is a common worship song that uses a refrain of “It’s all about you, Jesus”. The point is true enough, and it often will lead to a preacher saying a prayer along the lines of “We want things to always be about you Lord…Just as the lyrics say, it is all about you…” and so it goes. Great sentiment and I even think that in the moment that is what believers want, but what happens when the moment ends?

What happens when the worship time stops. There is a transition that takes place. When we go to church, we all know and recognize that the building we walk into is a place of worship. We all walk in nicely, sit down, look up a couple of Scriptures or read a few verses, sing some songs of praise and then we listen to the man with the gospel gun shoot some truth on us. We are dismissed or the service reaches its conclusion and we walk outside.

We leave the place of worship and enter the world. Things change, we change. We must hurry to get to our cars so that, God forbid, we do not get stuck in the parking lot for more than five minutes. We have to run to get to the lunch meeting place to beat the crowd and get a good table or hurry home to change out of our “good” clothes. And the process continues. We rush and rush to get away from that place. We rush and rush to get away from church. That is a lovely picture of the state of Christianity today. We are always in a hurry to get away from the Lord. We like to hide in saying “God is everywhere”, but it is our hearts and our attitudes that change as we run out the door and into the sunlight.

If the true Church, the Body is going to have any sort of real impact on the world of today, this concept has to change. We have to run to the Lord, we have to rest in the Lord and we have to let go of our wants and desires for the sake of the Kingdom. Everything that I am saying is clichéd, but people do not hear it.

We live in a reality where it is all about me. Christianity today has no desire to be about the things that mattered most to Jesus. Christianity today has become nothing more than a cool slogan on a t-shirt or a logo to be sold. Salvation is slapped into a 30 second prayer and discipleship is the newest twelve-step program. All we need is an infomercial and a clever salesman and we can make millions…oh wait…we got that too, who wants to get rich?

I look around as the landscape of Christianity is changing. It seems to always be about membership drives, and building funds and it saddens me. Our church is slowly beginning to take on the traits of the world, which Jesus spoke against.

So what is the solution? The solution is understanding the problem is us. The problem is the Body that is failing. The solution is the Body as well. The Body must recognize the illness that is infecting it and fight it. As the Body we cannot accept and settle for this mentality. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard of following the Lord. We must shed our “me” mentality. We can no longer go through life living selfishly.

I am what some would call an emergent, I guess.  I believe that each member of the body has something to offer and something to share with the rest of the body.  I believe that if the Church is truly going to reach its potential, then we need to quit silencing the members.  If the Church is going to be the radiant bride it is meant to be then egos must be left at the alter next to sins.  If the Church is going to change every nation and every corner of the globe then each part of the Body needs to understand what salvation really is and that it is more than a simple prayer. Salvation comes at a cost and was paid with a heavy price.  Salvation costs two lives…Christ on the cross and ours here and now.

How do we fix the Christianity today?  We quit being sheep for the wrong shepherd.  We start realizing that we are called to be more than men, women and children sitting in chairs or pews.  We quit acting and start being.  We follow the Lord, and we truly acknowledge that it is all…about…Jesus!