For My Girls…

A couple nights ago my wife and I were watching a movie.  In the movie was a scene where one of the characters admits that they feel guilty for her mother being gone (the mother was in a car accident).  She breaks down and it got me thinking about the lesson that I would want my girls to know should something happen to me.  Normally, I post in this blog my spiritual musings, and different things like that.  This though, is my personal blog and my personal thoughts.  This is where I share who I am and what is important to me.

So this is for my girls.

There is nothing in this world that means more to me than you and your mother.  There is nothing that I have done that I do not think about you guys.  Everyday that I go to work and put in my time, it is for you or I am thinking about you.  I love every daddy-daughter date that we go on.  There is nothing that makes me happier than your smiling faces.

There is no sacrifice that is too big for me to make for you.  And you can never feel bad for the sacrifices that I choose to make for you.  I would give up everything in order to make sure you had what you NEED in your life.  And since I have to focus on what you need, I have to say No.  I have to teach you that you cannot have whatever you want and everything that you want.

It is my job as your dad to teach you about life and real life.  My parents did it to me, and I am passing that on to you.  You may not understand why I do the things that I do.  I know that you will not always understand why you cannot have the toy or the candy bar.  I know you might not understand why I turn the TV off on the weekend and make you play outside, but it is for your own good.  It is so that someday you actually have a better life.

It kills me to see your tears and hear you cry, but I can take that on my shoulders knowing that you are growing in character.  I know that you learning to understand that you cannot have everything you want when you want it, sets you up for success later in life.  Teaching you how to control your emotions and learn to share your feelings as opposed to throwing a fit, will help you in the world later on.  You will be an asset to those that you work with and have relationships with.

I promise to show you how you deserve to be loved, by loving your mom through thick and thin.  Even when we do not see eye to eye, you will see that I love her and would go to the ends of the earth for her.  I will set a standard for how you deserve to be treated.  When I make a mistake, I will apologize and do my best to make it right.  I will own my mistakes and teach you how to ask for forgiveness and not make excuses for them.

More than anything, I will be the best dad that I can be.

Faith RX’d – Fight With Praise

One of the most recent Faith Rx’d workout dealt with fighting with praise.  It is something that I have been trying to grasp lately and handle.  I am one who has believed that a lot of times fighting for my faith or fighting for Christ meant, proving that I was right and that someone who thought otherwise was wrong.  It meant that if I didn’t have all the answers for all the questions about my faith, then I wasn’t walking correctly.

But I have learned that it is not always my job to “know” everything.  My calling and my walk is to be Christlike.  My calling is to worship in the storm, to remain calm and praise Him even in the midst of struggle and turmoil.  It is not about having all the answers, but about being able to praise Him, even when the fight is raging on.

As I have matured, or hopefully matured (still a kid at heart), I have found that I do not have to convince someone to believe in Christ or not.  But I can always rest in who He is.  I can find peace in the chaos of life no matter who I am around or near when I choose first to praise and rest in His Grace.

I am friends with some who are not believers and some who are on the fence.  I have learned that their lifestyle choices and mine, do not always line up, but I cannot just walk away from them.  I have found that these relationships often push me more and more into an appreciation for my ability to praise Him in the storm.  I have a refuge from the storm and I know that nothing is thrown at me, that I cannot handle.

I do not have to fight the worldliness that exists.  I do not have to chase after financial riches because I know that I will be taken care of.  Even in the smallest of things, there is provisions and that is something that should always lead us to praise.

How hard is it for you to praise God, in the heart of the storm?  in a fight?