What’s to follow…Mini-Blogging

I guess over the next few days, I am hoping to blog here a little more.  I cannot guarantee anything, but we will see…

I am thinking that many of my next entries will be mini-blogs.  That is to say that they will not be so short, that their ideas can be conveyed in a Twitter post or something like that, but they are not going to be all that long.  They are going to be short, sweet and to the point…hopefully.

If they turn into something longer and larger, great more power to them.  I want to focus on the next couple of days to getting out the ideas and emotions and whatever you want to call it that came from attending the Organic Church Conference in Orlando recently.  It was a great time and it stirred a lot of things within me.  It helped me to find my passion again, and I am thankful for that.  I have already started drafting two of these entries, but I am not sure how they will come together.

I do not want to regurgitate the information that I heard at the conference, but rather want to share what those things I heard, caused to stir within me.  I say this for two reasons.  The first is that, I cannot capture what was said in the same manner as the men that spoke at the conference.  The second reason is that this is where I want to share about me and not simply re-hash something someone else has said.  If I feel that it is necessary to share what I heard this weekend, I will give out the short-sweet version.