My little girl is one…

This past weekend, I celebrated the one year birthday of my youngest.  It was a great day.  It was also a day though where I am reminded of what my commitment is to her as a father.  I have a commitment to both of my girls as a dad, just as I have a commitment to my wife as her husband.

The biggest thing that I am reminded of is that I am not perfect…I will never be the perfect dad to them.  I will make a million mistakes.  So as you turn one (and even my older one who is four) there are some things that you always need to know and remember about me.  You might call these my promises to you…

I will always love you…nothing can change that

I will not always be your friend…I have to be your parent first and that means that some times I will make decisions that you don’t agree with.

I will discipline you…see the above statement

I will fight for you and alongside you

I will do my best to set a good example for you.  When I succeed in life, I want you to see the journey that is involved.  When I fail, I want you to see someone who is not defeated.

I will make mistakes and have to apologize…so will you

I will do my best to show you what love is and keep love strong in our house.  Love isn’t always pretty, but it is worth it.

I will do my best to encourage your passions.  Always have passion for something.  Never be afraid to be different or to be passionate.

I will teach you as much as I can, but there are some lessons and decisions that you will have to make on your own.  Sometimes you might not make the best choices…it’s ok…you are allowed to fail, just not see yourself as a failure.

That is the start to the list.  I am sure there are many more things that you need to learn as you grow.  The biggest lesson is also that there is someone who loves you more than me.  As a Christian, I believe that with all my heart.  Someday you will meet this man called Jesus.  As I put together your first year, there are two songs here.  One is from me, admitting that I cannot fulfill your every need (hard truth for me) and the other is a love letter from heaven.  They are two songs that mean a lot to me, just as you do!

Happy Birthday Emma!  Daddy love you!



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