The Kingdom is for the Choir, not the Soloist…

Recently, I was trying to figure out how I would explain the problems that I am witnessing in the church.  I was looking for the best way to figure out what needs to change for so many believers to actually have the impact on the world that they so desire to have.  I am not calling anyone out or questioning anyone’s love for the Lord, but rather questioning if we are loving the way Christ intended us to.

In this modern day and age when anyone on the outside will use whatever they can grab a hold of to find flaws in the faith.  They will grab onto whatever they can to simply say…you are not any better than me.  Look at person X, Y, or Z.  Look at all the criminal charges being brought against priests, ministers, pastors.  Look at the divorce rate in the church…how is that different than the world I know and have now?

And it is here, that I started to think about what the problem is.  We have lost sight of the fact that the church is not one cell.  The church is not one person.  But that is exactly what we have made it about.  We have made it about the best speaker, the best evangelist, the best leader.  We have forgotten that EVERY member of the body is to be valued and contribute to this thing, we call that Church or the Body of Christ.  But do we truly encourage that?

Does the modern church encourage each believer to truly find their gifting and use it?  We have lost our identity as a choir and tried to replace it with one of soloists.  Please bear with me on this analogy as I hope it will open some things up.

When one person sings, it is easy to find fault in them.  Look at any “next big star” show on television now.  When one person is in the spotlight, anybody can listen and hear the mistakes.  Anyone can listen and hear when they missed the note, had a “pitch” problem, dressed in a way that is not flattering, etc.  The list can and does go on and on.  When someone steps into the spot light as a soloist, everyone else can become a judge.  Everyone else can find their flaws and make them known to the world.

The same is true in the church today.  We have become obsessed with “our” (that is to say “MY”) message being the one that everyone hears.  We have become obsessed with stepping into the spotlight and opening the door up to allowing this thing known as the church be judged by the missed notes of one person.  By becoming a body of soloists, we have taken away the beauty of the choir.

You see when you are a part of the choir, no one voice can be singled out.  I might miss a note, have a pitch problem, flat out have an inability to sing, but I am a part of the choir.  I am a valuable piece of the whole.  Go to any concert and there will be a moment when the star will encourage that crowd to sing.  It is a beautiful moment.  The artist on stage can even be brought to tears by having their words sung back to them.  As the crowd grows, the beauty of the song being echoed grows as well.

It is time that we as a church recognize who the soloist is.  It is time that we recognize who the star is.  I will give you a big hint…He can walk on water, died on the cross, and rose again.  He is the star, he wrote the song, and He is the only one that has perfect pitch and never misses a note.  It is time that His body takes its proper place in the choir and start singing back to Him.

If we truly want to be what He desires of us, we must see that none of our brothers and sisters are more valuable to Him than we are and that we are not the soloists.  If we want to be a light to the world, we have to allow the person who cannot sing a single note on key, into our choir and help raise their voice up.  We have to become that greatest choir the world has even known.  We do this, not by accepting the sins in others lives (and our own), but by welcoming the sinner into the choir and helping them to sing songs of praise back to the One who conquered sin. It is no long about programs, ministries, mission trips, stand and greet your neighbor…it it about Christ and the love he showed the lost.

He desires to stand on the stage in the spotlight, and hear HIS life sung back to HIM.  He desires HIS body to be connected to Him.  If we can be content to be in the choir, we can finally learn what it is like to praise HIM and maybe we can bring a tear to HIS eye as we sing His life back to HIM.


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