From the Garden to the City Blog Tour: Perspective

Chapter 1 of From the Garden to the City was an enjoyable chapter.  While at times, it felt a little like an extended introduction, it served as a good reminder for what is to come.  It worked at laying a good foundation or a working definition to some degree for a simple way to define “technology”.  That is to say that when reduced to its most basic level technology is anything that is invented (or becomes readily available) during your lifetime.

I was able to relate quite well to the stories in this chapter.  From the story about a projector to the comparisons between texting, online chatting and telephone usage, I could see the author’s intent and point.  It is to some degree the very reason that I work with computers.  At the time, I was looking for my first job, they were becoming more and more prominent in homes and in the workplace.  They were something new and exciting and I wanted to know about this new “technology”.  My dad had worked from a terminal for a while, and it intrigued me.

I am hoping that starting in chapter 2 the author’s intent with Scripture will come into play a little more.  I am curious to see how the author is going to make the leap from the Bible to the uses of technology today.  After reading chapter one, I am slightly inclined to say that my interpretation of technology will have to be altered.  When I started reading the book or read the book summary, I saw technology as a finite idea.  It was defined by items (computers, ipods, smart phones, the web, etc.).   It appears that the working definition will be a little more fluid.

I am still curious on how the author is going to separate the technology though from the user.  That is to say how does technology have a purpose on its own, apart from how it is used?  I still see intent being a rather large factor and that is not determined by the technology but rather the end user.

I am looking forward to the upcoming chapters though and will hopefully get my next post up a little sooner.


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