Blogging Through the Book – From the Garden to the City – Introduction

Well, I just completed the introduction to From the Garden to the City.  As of this moment there is not a whole lot that I can dive into and discuss or share.  As with most books, the intro is simply setting up the rest of the book.  For me the central question that this book will be trying to address is whether or not technology is good or bad and attempts to address the idea of viewing all technological advances through the lens of Scripture.

At this point, the book has not addressed any of the issues, but simply posed the question.  Since I have not read the next chapter, I can offer my own unbiased opinion and admit that I am open to it being changed.  My answer to this question, more than likely will always be based around the “it depends” model.  How is the technology used?  If we are truly going to view things through the lens of Scripture, we must view it through the lens of Jesus Christ.  That is to say if the technology is being used with the same motivation that Christ had while he walked the planet, it will be good.  It will generally rest on the premise of will these advances bring glory to God the Father, or will they bring glory to me.  Am I utilizing these new tools to make the father known or to make myself known.  Who am I glorifying with the technology.

That is my stance now, but I am looking forward to actually being able to dive into the book soon.


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