Blogging Through the Book – From the Garden to the City

I have been given the opportunity to blog through a new book.  I love books.  I try to read books of every possible kind.  I try to read people with perspectives that are in line with my own as well as those that are not directly in line with them.  With this book, I do not know where it falls.  An twitter request for people willing to blog through the book came out and I jumped at the opportunity.  All that I gathered about the book was that it was about technology and Jesus.  Two things that are integrated into my life.  I work in IT all day and I am a proud follower of Christ.

Later this week, I will post my review of the introduction to the book.  This post was just to lay the groundwork for what is to come.  If you want to know more about this project you can follow all the fun at:

I will have the featured post on week 4, but the rest of the weeks, I will link to my posts in the comments.

This should be a fun journey.


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