Finding Truth…Crucified with Christ

I guess that this is the final piece in my series.  It is the end of the journey so to speak.  While, I think that this piece can stand on its own, this is part III and part I and part II can be found at the links provided.

So where we left off…I have walked the road and encountered this person known as Jesus and He was who I needed Him to be.  He was the father, I needed or the person who loved me for me like a husband loves a wife.  He was who I needed Him to be when I was searching for something more.  When I finally admitted that I could no longer do it on my own.  When I had no more life to give, He gave me His and was who I needed.  That lead me to try to be just like Him.  I would find myself trying to be who I thought He needed me to be.  I removed things from my life and tried to force my way deeper into His love.  I tried to look at the rules in the Scriptures and tried to live them out.  I found myself striving to be the best Christian that I could be.

Then I was exhausted.  Then I felt like I could honestly never be good enough.  I would never make it to heaven.  I honestly felt like I was back where I started.  It was as if this person that loved me all of a sudden turned into just another person that I could not please.  Christ became the father I couldn’t please, the husband that could never love me.

So, I was crucified.  So I decided to stop using the Bible as a how-to guide and read it.  I paid a lot of attention to the red letters.  I actually looked for meaning in the words of Christ and not just the directives.  I died…and on the third day I rose again.  I realized that I was one with Christ.  And I found that the truth in that is that I am not to walk in His footsteps, but that we (He and I) have already walked them together.  The mistakes I make, are not judgements that he is holding out against me.  They cannot revoke my place in His Kingdom.  I am His child and there is no removing  me from that family.

When my daughter makes a mistake, I do no push her out of the family until she gets back in line.  I do not remove or revoke my love until she does as she is commanded by me.  I am not in the removing my love from her and Christ is not going to remove His love from me when I slip up.  When my daughter disobeys, she risks hurting herself.  The rules and guidelines are there to protect, not restrict.  I love her, her mom loves her and there is nothing in this world that will stop that love.  The more and more, I started to see myself in the family of God (as a son), the more I realized that being In Christ is not about mimicking Him and more about living as He did, with the heart that He had.  The one that allowed Him to love those that no one else would (some one like me).  The same heart gave Him the courage to stand up and be strong in the Father’s name.

We have all been given that same ability if we will let go of the rules that seem to drive Christianity these days.  If we are willing to open ourselves up to the challenges that come with letting go, then we might just find the Jesus of the Scriptures.  We might just find the Jesus that loves each and every one of us enough to be exactly who we need Him to be the minute we need His love the most.



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