An Honest Look at Organic Church

This is just a list of links to some great articles that deal with some of the “shortcomings” of Organic Church as outlined by Keith Giles.  I do not know Mr. Giles, but I respect anyone that is willing to take a frank and honest look at the organic church and admit that it does indeed have some areas that are lacking.  While, I still prefer an organic church to a traditional church (and Mr. Giles is a part of an organic church as well), I am thankful to find many of my own thoughts and feelings on these matters expressed in these various posts.  The areas that I feel he, missed, I might post in a separate post, or I might just keep them to myself.

Please do not see my posting these as my looking to find things wrong, but an admission that there are things to be careful in the organic church, just as there are things to be wary of in the traditional church system.  I am a firm believer that you must go where the Lord has you; that you must go where the Spirit leads you to be – Organic or Traditional.  Go where God has you and you are fine by me.

What’s Wrong with Organic Church (8 Parts)

Invisible to Community

Too Inwardly Focused

Too Isolated from Traditional Churches

Church Discipline

Lack of Networking with Other Organic Churches

No Spiritual Covering

Lack of Strong Leadership

Too Proud of Ourselves


Pitfalls of Organic Church (6 Parts)

Break Your Liturgy

Draw Out the Wallflowers and Reign in the Soap Boxers

Let Jesus Be the Leader

Plan to Multiply Into New Groups From Day 1

Practice Brutal Honesty and Shocking Truth

Rotate Locations Early and Often

These are just a couple of series that were written that I thought were well thought out and thought provoking.  I will probably follow this up with some thoughts of my own on some of these matters.


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