My Life…Old Testament

As a Christian believer, I believe that we are constantly on a path of dying to ourselves and becoming more and more like Christ.  I believe that we are crucified with Christ and as such the story of our life should slowly become one that is found in the life of Christ.  This is my attempt to find my life in the passages of Scripture.  This obviously is not a direct correlation.  This is not an attempt to say that I am Christ to any degree.  This is my attempt to explore the journey that Christ has sent me on and look at everything through a lens that is not my own.  I want to try and view my life as a convergence with Christ.

I will try to follow a similar pattern in all of these posts.  If I need to intersperse Scripture in the text I will, but for the most part, I will either give the Scripture at the beginning and then my story will follow.  I will do the best that I can to make the necessary correlations.  Please bear with me as this is an exercise for me in putting my story and life down.  I hope that it doesn’t bore you too much and if it does, then luckily there are thousands of other blogs to read out there that have to be more interesting than mine.

But if my tale in some way helps you to see your life in new ways, see Christ in new ways, or just entertains you a little…thanks for stopping by and God Bless.

I will call this my “Old Testament”.  I call it that because it encompasses many things that lay the ground work for where I am now much like the Old Testament lays the groundwork for the coming Christ that we know through the New Testament.  This has the potential to be the most boring of the lineage posts.  But who really enjoys reading the book of Numbers or all the lineage passages.  Since the Old Testament does deal with the fact that Christ is not alive, it fits that this is my first post because, while I was a believer in God and understood the significance of the cross or could retell you what happened to sin when Christ died on the cross, I cannot say that I was walking with Him or by the Spirit at this time in my life.  For this reason, I think to call this point in my life my Old Testament fits, it works…I’m gonna roll with it.

Since this is more of a groundwork post, I do not have a passage to correlate it to.  I might intersperse some through the section though or reference tales from the OT.  Let’s roll..

My life begins in a good home with good parents.  I do not get to have one of those stories where life is rough from the first day.  I was blessed to have a family that loved me and both of my parents worked hard to provide a good home for us.  I recently was able to look back through a bunch of old scrapbooks that my mom put together for me, and much to my surprise, it seemed like God was always as influence in our house.  I think that many of the first things that I wrote had to do with the Lord blessing me or God creating things.  These were not things that I made in my Sunday school alone, but rather were things that I actually hung on the wall in…wait for it…a public school classroom.  I do not have a recollection of “becoming” a believer or “being saved” to use some of the common phrases that I hear today, but I will get into that a little bit later in life.  I was just in a house that acknowledged God being there and watching over us.  We went to church on Sunday, and my dad would always engage us in conversation after mass (yes, I was raised in a Catholic household…please don’t hold that against me) to talk about what we had heard from the priest.  We said a prayer before most meals and talked about what God wanted from me as a child and as a family.

It is for this reason that I would equate this time in my life to the years in the desert.  Granted, I was no unbelieving and in a state of rebellion against God, but I would say that I was in a state of waiting to have the land of milk and honey revealed to me.  Unlike the Israelites, I had not seen any miracles in my life so to speak.  I would say that at this point in my life, I knew of God.  I knew the tales of the Bible, but I was not at a point where I was trusting Him to provide for me, I was dependent on my parents and saw them as providers more than God giving me these parents as a blessing.  They made me clean my room and told me “no” and gave me spanking when I misbehaved; how can that be a blessing?  It is for that reason, that I was in the wilderness.  This period in my life was a time of prayer for the things that I wanted.  I wanted a bike, so that is what I prayed for.  I wanted to have my friends over, so I prayed that my parents would let them come over.

I was 5 years old at the time, so I don’t think that I had this deep grasp of what it meant to follow Christ.  The primary things that I heard was that God wanted me to listen to my parents and to be obedient.  He also probably did not want me to fall asleep in church.  That was a big no-no.  God was a rule book and his rules always seemed to be against me.  He seemed to be on the side of my parents a lot more than on my side.

Was this time in my life bad?  No.  Am I making a little light of the situation?  Probably, but God was about to become very real to me.  He was about to shake me to the core and I was going to learn first hand that prayer works.  I was about to go through a time in my life that would both spur me on in my faith and at times question it.  It would be a time where I, looking back, will probably call my Job moment.  It will be a time of questioning and fear.


One thought on “My Life…Old Testament

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I found this post very interesting and will be watching for the rest of the series 🙂

    It’s good to know that others have been on similar journeys.

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