Nudge by Leonard Sweet

I am currently working my way through the book Nudge by Leonard Sweet.  Overall, I am enjoying the book.  It is a book that addresses evangelism from the perspective that I have come to believe is more in line with the New Testament than what I have found in the west.  The book focuses not on going to the nations and being centered on finding the lost and converting them, but it desires for believers to find Jesus in everyone.  Overall I would recommend this book to a believer, but the manner in which a few topics are written, it’s target audience would appear to be somewhat on the intellectual or mature side.

For me this is the only deterrent from recommending this book emphatically.  I found that at times, it addressed the ideas behind evangelism beautifully, but at other times, the topic would be lost in it its own cerebral descriptions.  If someone is apprehensive or looking to find out what true evangelism looks like, to have to wade through heavy concepts and ideas that lack exposition, it would cause one to put the book down. As I have read the book, I have found myself engrossed and encouraged by the words on the page, only to find that moment broken by having to google a term or look it up in reference materials.

That though is a minor fault, when I look at all that book has to offer the believer looking to break away from the systems and ideologies that exist to describe how to save the lost.  At many instances, I found that this book was fantastic because it reminds the believer, that they must be evanagelizing themselves.  That is to say they must be looking for Jesus and not looking at people as projects.  Evangelism is something that takes place daily in every interaction that a believer has.  They are sharing Christ by how they live their lives.

For me, while this book has a few minor shortcomings, this is the best book on evangelism that I have read.  I would recommend this to any individual, but would really encourage groups to pick it up and read it together.  This book will not simply help in evangelism to the world at large, but to each other within our own faith communities.


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