The Naked Gospel by Andrew Farley Review

I recently completed Andrew Farley’s, The Naked Gospel.  To be totally honest, I do not know how I would rate the book.  I found myself thoroughly enjoying a chapter or section, only to feel a few pages later that it was time to move on to another topic.  I felt that as I read the book, a new chapter would begin, but the topic of conversation or even the approach to the same topic did not change much at all.

With that said, I still think that I would recommend this book to others.  I would recommend this book to those that some times need to be hit over the head numerous times before things sink it.  The topics within the book, were not mind-blowing or staggering.  The fact that the book centered on the idea of “Jesus plus nothing” is obviously not a new convention.  Churches and people have been arguing on the proper way to do “Jesus plus nothing” for ages.

I appreciated the approach that Farley took with this book though.  It felt conversational and easy going as opposed to a book that relied on demonstrating superior knowledge in order to woo the reader into thinking the author was much more intelligent and therefore must be right.  I was able to leisurely approach the book and find enjoyment in the metaphors that were used.  I enjoyed the discussion on the law and the new spiritual creation that one becomes when they are reborn.

Overall I appreciated the message that Farley was wanting to bring and share.  I got bored when it seemed that it was slow to move from one idea to the next.  Or at times, I would think we had moved on, only to return to the same old topic and the same conclusion.

If I had a star system to rate this book, I would still give it 3.5 out of 5.  The material is presented in a way where most anyone could understand it and be encouraged by it.  Even in the areas where my personal beliefs did not line up with the authors, I did not feel threatened by the differences.  It never came across to me as a “my way or the highway” book and that is something that is commendable in today’s culture.


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