The Book of the Shepherd by The Scribe Book Review

I have to agree with many of the reviewers here and say that there is good in the book, but for me it was far from fulfilling of a read.  I gave it a three star review because it was short, sweet and didn’t make me think all that much.

There is some good truths to the book, but they are what I consider to be surface level truths.  They are things that many of us know to be true and probably believe, but that we do not always act out.

I wanted to like the book.  I wanted it to be something that I could read with a group and start serious discussion with, and I believe that it could do that, I just do not think that it would lead to the sort of discussion the author intended.

I honestly think that the fact that the author wanted me to believe that this was some story that was found and recently translated, I immediately distrusted the tale itself.  It allowed me to read it and feel that the author did not believe the very words that were penned.

All in all, I cannot say that I disliked the book, but it is hard to openly and honestly say that I enjoyed it as well.


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