Through the River – Book Review

I recently read Through the River by Jon and Mindy Hirst.  I started reading the book with great anticipation as I felt the topic of truth is relevant to any discussion that takes place.  I felt that how one views truth is extremely important when religion enters into any conversation.  I wanted the book to break down some walls and be something that I could pass along to others so that they might open their eyes and minds to the idea of different approaches and opinions to the same topic.  I wanted the book to truly encourage people to strive to put aside their pre-conceived notions on how life is and start trying to step into other people’s worlds; in essence, to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Unfortunately, I was not able to complete the book as it just did not keep my interest.  I honestly felt that many of the topics were too general and there was little that encouraged the reader to come to their own conclusions.  I felt like through the part I was able to complete, the authors were attempting to steer my reading down the path they desired.  It did not seem to approach the “towns” from the approach of pro’s and cons in an unbiased straight forward manner, but instead, I felt like I was being guided to one set of pros away from two sets of cons.

I do hope that the next selection does provide a bit more unbiased substance.


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