Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart by Chuck Black – Book Review

I recently completed Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart by Chuck Black.  Overall, I found it a little slow moving in the beginning, but then it took off and was an enjoyable and quick read.  While it was a quick read, that is not to say that it did not have depth and some great moral lessons.  For the young adult reader, this book packs a good amount of material to ponder, especially when looking at things as a Christian.  It is these hidden truths that made the book enjoyable.

The main character must face and come to grips with the truth that what one desires, may not be what God desires for you.  It deals with the idea of being in the world, but not of it.  It also puts the character in many positions where logic would say to believe one thing, but faith compels him not to concede.  Along similar lines, it sends a cautionary message about judging others especially by worldly standards.

An additional nice thing about the book is that one can find who all the characters are meant to represent in correlation to Christ and the Kingdom.  I think that it would serve as a good book to spur discussion on higher level topics, such as what it means to live for the Lord, or being able to discern those things that are desires of the human heart and not from the Lord.

This book is a compact and enjoyable read that I would recommend to a reader that enjoys stories about knights as well as one who is looking to explore and dive deeper into the messages within the book.

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