A Classic Movie with A Classic Character…mini blog

Mr. Cunningham(one of the first characters we see)  in To Kill a Mockingbird is a man that understands what being humble is all about.  He knows that the gift he brings can never repay Atticus for the work he did.  He is ashamed because he is too poor to pay by the world’s standards.  But Atticus accepts it and thinks that the gifts from Mr. Cunningham are glorious.

Sounds like man and Christ is you ask me.  A follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ, knows that no matter what we offer the Lord, it cannot repay the debt that we owe him.  Many of us are ashamed of this and don’t want the Lord to see us deliver the gift.  The Lord though desires to share His abundance and thank us for the offering.

Our offering, what is it that we can possibly give the Lord?  Well that is quite simply all of ourselves to be His dwelling place.  For all of His people to fit together as living stones, being built up as a spiritual house (1 Peter 2:1-5).

That’s all I had at the moment, something short and sweet.  There’s a ton more great stuff in that movie, but I would love to hear others opinions on it.


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