Organic Church Conference…Introduction

Since Thursday, I have been attending the Organic Church Conference in Orlando, FL hosted by Frank Vioal, Milt Rodriguez, Alan Levine, and Gary Welter.  The conference is centered around finding out what the Church really is as well as how church fits into that ideal.  To be honest, it is a lot more detailed to explain and I will post more detailed information in the next couple of days, but I wanted to get an introduction put down.  It has been a very enlightening and encouraging exprerience as I have been a little disenchanted with many things that I have seen dealing with home groups, house church and the traditional church as well.

It is encouraging to hear the things that I have heard this weekend, but I am a little nervous that others believe that they are seeking after these things when they are not.  As I post more of my notes and get them organized, I will share what has shared with me.  It has helped me to understand the true store that runs throughout the Bible as well as what what our purpose is.  Trust me, that purpose and more meaningful and powerful than most can imagine.

More details to come soon.


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